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Misc.Ads and Undated Material

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I have designed this site for historical and educational purposes. As an added bonus, we get to see photos of Accutrons as they came from the factory. Viewers are encouraged to contribute ads, displays and press releases they may have for inclusion. I will be working on this as an ongoing project and encourage active participation. Thanks, Tom Mister.

1960-62   1963-64   1965-66   1967-70   1971-74   1975-77  
Misc./unknown dates/displays

Other Accutron Sites

Below are some wonderful items which were not dated on the piece, but we have made an educated guess, which should be accurate!

Here is an Accutron store diplay that lights up when a button is pushed. It is about 15 inches in height and width, circa early 1960's.


Accutron Stick Pin

Accutron Dealers Tuning Fork Display, Heavy Brass.

Accutron Dealers Warranty Counter plaque.

Below Is an Accutron counter display, electric with revolving light show and large tuning fork emblem on the front. Size is about 13.5 inches tall by 12 inches wide. It looks like there used to be an Accutron name plate on the base, works well.


Here is a promotional item describing the wire used for the coils, date unknown. Thanks to Mitchell Feig for the loan of the picture.




  This may well be the first Accutron sales pamphlet released by Bulova, circa 1960-61. It seems to pre-date even the use of the tuning fork logo. Many thanks to John Bowman for the use of his pics.
wlacat1.jpg (75505 bytes) <---Header for the ads below c.1962/63
Here are some early Accutron catalog sheets. Thanks to William Lloyd for this great reference material.Click on the tiny thumbnail to see the ad almost in its entirety.

Early Astronaut ad.

Descriptions for above watches.



This Tuning Fork Counter Display is 9" high and "vibrates"!

Rado Electrosonic ad from a German language magazine- late 70's

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  Here are some ad mats from the 60's touting the Vibrograph B100A timing machines which can show the accuracy of the Accutron Timepieces.


ABOVE: Accutron 214 marked as training movement 476


These were catalog sheets (6) from the 60's. In addition to being good reference for original configurations, each sheet has the model name/number and information on the back as shown in the picture to the right.

This is the description of the "510" model in 14K gold with gold bracelet (top left in the picture of the 6 sheets). It's a beauty!
Here is the instruction sheet for Accutron dealers who want to get a new 214 movement, via exchange. Many Watchmakers at the time did not want to service the "new" timepieces. Here is the same sheet for the ladies Accutron, 221 series movement
Below are eight early transparencies, probably c.1960, used for education on the new Accutron timepieces

A large color booklet from the 1970's tell how a group was started in 1962 with 30 million Swiss Francs. The goal was the ultimate timepiece, which turned out to be the Beta 21 Quartz. The booklet is very interesting!

Here is a picture from an Omega SSIH training booklet with a picture of the Beta 21 Quartz tuning fork movement (on the left), circa 1970's.


Here are Three counter or showcase displays used by authorized Accutron Dealers.

     Here are some Corporate Logo 214 Dials, circa 1960s

Here are some Corporate Logo 214 Dials, circa 1960's

1960-62   1963-64   1965-66   1967-70   1971-74   1975-77  
Misc./unknown dates/displays

Parts Oddities

Here is an Accutron 214 coil assembly, part No. 711, which was imported from Switzerland in a watch, having all the necessary information and import code printed on it.

Other Accutron Sites


Here is a plain case back with gilt color, only signed Bulova Watch Company and Patented. It is from an Accutron Clock. Thanks to Hugh for the identification.

Here is a Tuning Fork Stick Pin, Possibly a promotional item

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