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1967 to 1970

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I have designed this site for historical and educational purposes. As an added bonus, we get to see photos of Accutrons as they came from the factory. Viewers are encouraged to contribute ads, displays and press releases they may have for inclusion. I will be working on this as an ongoing project and encourage active participation. Thanks, Tom Mister.

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These ads were targeting Jewelers. Bulova thought it was necessary to convince the selling store to service Accutrons. Many stores bought the kits for $85. and simply exchanged movements. Looking back, it was a good thing. We now have a greater supply of spare parts for that reason.
Bulova advised store owners to carry a large inventory of Accutrons. They were selling FAST! All along, Bulova never called the Accutron a watch- It was a Timepiece.


Bulova continued to run ads encouraging their retail sellers to do repair work on the premises.
This 2 page ad (cropped here) explained to the Jeweler the need to carry ample stock of the fast selling Accutron timepieces.



This ad is from May of 1969 and tells of the power cell and how to replace it. This March, 1969 ad tells of positional error in Accutron timepieces and shows the regulation process.
This November 1969 Ad shows how to set the 214 and two different 218 movements. Positional errors and more "toothpick" regulation adjustments were the subject of this 2 page ad.
More bragging on the day-date feature   The Most Accurate Underwater Watch In The World is claimed in this ad slick. They called them watches instead of Timepieces at this point in time.
This Booklet-Accutron- A Chronomatic Micro-Powerplant was written by William O. Bennett for the Society of Automotive Engineers. There was a great deal of engineering pride at Bulova during this period. This is a Bulova Timer Laboratory ad from 1969. It shows the different models of clocks, timers and switches based on the Accutron mechanism.
This Spring 1969 ad mat touts the "tells all" aspect of the 218 with day-date. This watch is a very nice case style, in my opinion.    


Here is an ad from January, 1970 explaining how to set the time and date on Accutron timepieces.    


1960-62   1963-64   1965-66   1967-70   1971-74   1975-77  

Misc./unknown dates/displays

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