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1971 through 1974

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I have designed this site for historical and educational purposes. As an added bonus, we get to see photos of Accutrons as they came from the factory. Viewers are encouraged to contribute ads, displays and press releases they may have for inclusion. I will be working on this as an ongoing project and encourage active participation. Thanks, Tom Mister.

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Misc./unknown dates/displays

Misc./unknown dates/displays

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Spinoffs from the licensing of Accutron patents included The Eternasonic shown in this ad from August, 1971.

Bulova used the Accutron to sell their related line of Vibrograf Rate Recorders.


Promoting the Accutron as a Scientific Instrument. This is the Greenland ad from 1971.  


This 1971 ad gives good insight into some of the more popular models of the time.


This 1971 ad touts 4 colorful versions of the truth. Gives model numbers and prices at that time.



Bulova licensed the Accutron patents and many other watch companies produced their versions of the tuning fork watch, including chronographs such as this one.


The Armed Forces chess champ was to receive this Spaceview for the victory. Interesting picture tells price and shows box style from 1972.

Bulova was fighting the idea of releasing digital watches after so many years of Accutrons leading the way. This two page ad stated that other watch companies claims of 1 minute per year accuracy were not based in reality. A long list of reasons was given. This ad is special in that it is one of a few which touted the 224 series Accuquartz timepieces, which were only built for a very short time.
This interesting article announces the release of the 230 caliber Accutrons and , at the same time, the Gent's Accuquartz is released, after an early version of "Beta Testing". October, 1972
Here is an interesting article on the training course for turning out Certified Accutron Technicians. November, 1972.

1972 Advertisement featuring the ladies Accutron Timepiece. Thanks to Julieanne for the use of this ad.



Here is one page from a Basic Inventory Sheets folder given to Accutron Dealers for suggestive selling. This one is from March, 1972. The other pages and other months are shown on my Accutron Research Website.



Killing Time advertisements were popular as Bulova pressed the point for using the correct power cell. This article told the number of new models released in 1974, including Accutron Gents, Accutron Ladies and AccuQuartz. Check out the prices of (the then top line) the high tech 224 series Accuquartz timepieces-$200.-$1500.


This four page pictorial tells of the great amount of travelling Don DeWolfe and his assistants have done to educate bench watchmakers and counter people alike, promoting educated selling and after sales service. Too bad they did not focus in closer on the watches!

1960-62   1963-64   1965-66   1967-70   1971-74   1975-77  

Misc./unknown dates/displays

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